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Entrepreneur Ideas

Medical Transportation Business

medical transportation businessEver thought about starting a medical transportation business?

A non-emergency medical transportation business is also known as an ambulette service. Ever wondered how people who are in wheelchairs, disabled or elderly are able to get to and from their medical appointments? That’s where this service comes in.

How To Build A Million Dollar Transportation Company is a detailed guide with everything you need to know about how to start a medical transportation business. Click here to go to the website.

A medical transportation business caters only for non-emergency travel – so you don’t require any life-saving skills, special training or equipment. Obviously, you’ll need a specially fitted vehicle to get started – but that’s about all.

The medical transportation business is an industry just about anyone can enter – it requires nothing more than a driver’s license, in terms of qualifications.

Who uses non-emergency medical transportation?

  1. Private Paying Customers. Some medical transport business services cater only for private customers. These clients pay for the service from their own pocket to be transported to doctors, medical specialists, hospitals, etc.
  2. Government Health Care Recipients. In some countries, recipients of health benefits are entitled to receive free medical care including transportation to and from their medical appointments. Depending on how the system works in your state/country, you will either be paid direct by the patient, or you will need to submit reimbursement forms to the relevant authority.
  3. Workers Compensation Recipients. This type of medical transport business service caters for injured workers who need transportation to medical appointments for physical therapy, etc. Again, these payments will often be reimbursed to you by the relevant authority. Depending on the area you service, there may be enough business from workers compensation to cater to this market exclusively.
  4. Insurance Compensation Recipients. Victims of car accidents or other non-work related injuries will often be compensated for travel expenses for their medical treatment, and require the services of an ambulette.
  5. Nursing Facilities & Retirement Villages. With the increasingly aging population, independent living facilities provide a steady stream of customers for a medical transportation business. Many residents will require regular transportation to dialysis, physiotherapy, etc.
  6. Dialysis Centers. These patients provide a reliable and steady stream of income for your medical transportation business. With as many as three appointments a week, dialysis patients are a dependable source of work.
  7. Students. Ever wondered how students with disabilities manage to get to school/college/university – and home again each day? Your medical transportation business can also provide this service.

At we think a medical transportation business has great potential – but we wouldn’t rush in blindly.

First up, we would suggest you check the demand for these services in you area. If you have hospitals, aged care facilities, etc, you probably have a large enough potential customer base.

Second, we highly recommend the program mentioned above, written by an experienced ambulette operator, Joel Davis. It discusses licensing and registration requirements, operating procedures, marketing – it will give you a great head start and after a lot of research, we don’t believe you will find a comparable guide on the market.

As mentioned, the guide is named How To Build A Million Dollar Transportation Company. Depending on your locality, etc, we think it might take a while to make it into the million dollar league – but in the right location, and with the benefit of Joel Davis’ program, we think you could profit handsomely from starting you own non-emergency medical transportation business.

Click here to go to Joel Davis’ website.

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