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AustraLab Cosmetics & Detergent Manufacturing Business Idea

cosmetics manufacturingAustraLab :  Cosmetics manufacturing and detergent manufacturing – which tops our list of profitable business ideas – is often considered the preserve of chemistry graduates and big corporations.

That’s what we thought, too – until we looked at AustraLab.


AustraLab is one of the most interesting and unique small business ideas we’ve seen in a while.


Click here to see for yourself what AustraLab is all about.

The concept: AustraLab is a “business-in-a-box” designed to provide all the information you need to start your own business making cosmetics, makeup, toiletries, cleaning products and detergents.

You can set up your own manufacturing workshop quite easily and inexpensively.

Again, contrary to our initial thoughts, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on machinery – you can use simple equipment for mixing your batches until you get yourself established – and you don’t need to know anything about chemistry.

The creator of the AustraLab program, Sam Stein, is an experienced chemical and cosmetic engineer and he provides in this program a comprehensive series of manuals which comprise:

  • 100 professional quality formulations for makeup, cosmetics, skin care, hair care, toiletries and detergents
  • Procedures manuals for the manufacturing process, including common sense safety procedures
  • Marketing manuals with many good business ideas to help you sell your products
  • Over 250 graphic designs for labeling your products (we fell in love with these designs – and we know they’re helping us to sell what we’ve made)
  • A trademark license under the AustraLab brand name

The AustraLab trademark license is what really caught our attention – one of the most innovative, unique and profitable business ideas we have seen (and we look at a lot of business ideas!). Regardless of where in the world you reside, you can label your products “Made Under License From AustraLab Australia”. For someone just starting out in their own cosmetics company and/or detergent manufacturing business, we think this offers a great head start. It adds credibility to your operation and your products, and can give you an added edge of confidence. We think this brand has the potential for big sales on the international market – even Proctor&Gamble, one of the world’s biggest cosmetic and detergent manufacturers, produces a range of Australian label design hair care products, which makes them millions every year. (But we honestly think the AustraLab packaging is miles ahead.) P&G sure know profitable business ideas when they see them!

At we’re in love with the AustraLab labels – we think this can save you a lot of time and expense and it will almost certainly make your products stand out on the shelf. Especially when you’re just starting out, graphic designers can cost an arm and a leg – so the savings here can be quite substantial (and save you a lot of time, too). As well as the trademark AustraLab label designs, there are also many generic designs. So, in addition to the AustraLab brand, you can create as many of your own brands as you like – just add your own brand name to the generic label design. This is how the big players in the industry make so much money – one factory, using the same equipment, staff, ingredients, etc can produce a multitude of different brands (and most consumers aren’t even aware they are buying from the same manufacturer).

Profitable Business Ideas – Our AustraLab Review Test-Drive:

After purchasing, within a matter of seconds we received a link to download the AustraLab manuals and designs.

We read through the AustraLab manufacturing procedures manuals – the information is comprehensive, but not overwhelming. We think it’s important to note here, that this program does not aim to teach you university level chemistry – and you don’t need to understand any complex scientific concepts in order to manufacture the AustraLab cosmetic and detergent products. In fact, we found the manufacturing process to be much easier than we expected. We like the fact that everything is written in plain language, no previous experience is assumed, and everything is easy to follow and understand, even if you were clueless in chemistry class.

After reading through the instructions, it was time to get ourselves set up for manufacturing. The AustraLab website advises that no fancy or expensive equipment is required – and we found what we needed at the local hardware store. When we get bigger orders, we will probably invest in some motorized equipment, but we’re doing just fine with this setup at the moment. (Update December 2012: Just clinched a BIG contract – some serious equipment on its way.)

It’s probably the right place to mention another reason why we like this program so much – you don’t need to spend money until you make money. In the manuals, Sam Stein recommends that when you begin your cosmetic manufacturing or detergent manufacturing business, that you only buy enough raw ingredients to make a sample range of products – there’s no need to buy barrel loads of ingredients until you actually have the orders for them. And you should always ask for a 50% deposit on every order, this way you can cover the costs of the order before you even start. We think this offers a major advantage over many other small business ideas, which require a large outlay of capital for stock and equipment.

So, we decided what products we wanted to start making first – we chose 2 makeup formulations, 2 skin care formulations and 2 hair care formulations, plus 6 of the household cleaning products.

Using the suppliers and resources directory in the AustraLab manuals, we purchased enough raw ingredients to make a few bottles of each of these products. Because most of the products comprise about 60-70% water, the actual amount of ingredients that we needed was very small. The total cost was less than $30. It probably should have been a few dollars more than this, but one of the supply companies we contacted was very obliging and gave us some sample ingredients free of charge.

We found the manufacturing process quick and easy – it’s important to make sure you measure everything correctly as you go. It’s also imperative that you add the ingredients exactly in the order they are listed – don’t go getting creative with the actual manufacturing procedures – you can save your artistic touch for adding the pigment dyes and fragrances. This is the part we really like about the AustraLab formulations – you can add just about any color pigments and scents that you like, so you can create an absolutely endless number of different combinations of products. This means you can sell your cosmetics and detergents to an endless number of different markets and customers.

We were very impressed with the quality of the samples we made – we really couldn’t notice any difference between what we manufactured compared to what we buy from department stores/drugstores/supermarkets, etc. Another aspect we really like – the AustraLab manuals tell you how you can use exactly the same scents that are used in some really well known high profile brands, and they’re not expensive (and it’s quite legal!).

The AustraLab program promises profits of around 500-1000% or even more (we don’t come across many profitable business ideas, so we were interested to see how this measured up after making our own samples. We had heard that this industry operates on very high profit margins, and our own research supported this – but we never realized quite how much until we tried it out for ourselves. We thought it might be difficult for beginners to make big profits – but we’re happy to admit we were wrong about that! We estimate that we could make a mark-up of at least five times greater than the manufacturing cost, and with some products it could be closer to thirty times. We knew that companies like P&G and L’Oreal make some really huge profits, and turn over tens of billions of dollars every year, now we know why.

We’re in the process of making a few more samples and securing our first orders now – the AustraLab marketing manuals gave us some great ideas to get started, and we have a couple of our own, too. We’ll keep you posted of our progress, but we’re sure we’re on a winner with this one.

The AustraLab program costs $1997 – it works out to $19.97 for each of the formulations, along with the trademark license, designs and manuals. We think it’s great value for a business which offers a very high return, has virtually no competition among small businesses, offers unique information, and doesn’t need a big investment for equipment and supplies. Before investing in AustraLab, we did a bit of research to see what it would cost to buy an established cosmetic manufacturing or detergent manufacturing business – we were staggered at what it costs to get into this industry even at basic entry level. We’re quite confident that with this program, we can build a very profitable business – at a tiny fraction of what it would cost to buy an established company. We read an article on the AustraLab blog (Link) about some young Kenyans who started their own cosmetics company manufacturing skin lotion – and they now have a business worth almost $1 million !!!  If they can do it, we sure as heck can, too !!!

This would also make a great side business, as you could easily run this in your spare time from home or a workshop/garage. If you have an existing business, there are many avenues for producing and selling your own line of cosmetics, toiletries or detergents and cleaning products.

At, our problem is not that we can’t find enough avenues for selling products – we can think of so many, that we were not quite sure where to start! We should add here that we sought the advice of the program’s creator, Sam Stein, to ask him his suggestions of what direction we should take. His reply gave us some great advice and it’s obvious he really knows the ins and outs of this industry.

There’s a really interesting post on the AustraLab blog – it examines the essential ingredients of creating a successful long-term high profit business. We can’t say it better ourselves – and we think it pretty much sums up why we like this business idea as much as we do – you can read it here.



The AustraLab program gets the Seal of Approval. It wins our vote as one of the most unique and most profitable business ideas!

You can check it out for yourself here






  • Adam Chapman says:

    Any updates on the sales or how the business is going?

    I have looked at this concept for years and want to know how good it can be (or not)!

    I’m happy to get a direct email – (edit) Adam, we edited out your email address to save you from spam attacks

  • admin says:

    Adam, an updated review is overdue – but to be honest, we’ve been too busy with this project (and a couple of others which we’ve also written about on this website) to find much time for writing!
    AustraLab still gets our #1 recommendation – it’s by far our top money-earner (especially in terms of return on time) and our sales have grown considerably since we started. We expect continued growth.
    As with any business, the more you put in, the more you get back, so we’ve been focussing even more energy on this project over the past few months – and it’s certainly paying off.

  • Hi there, i was wondering how things were going with this business, I am interested in it. Can you tell me if you were able to find distribution channels for your product, and if it was easy to find all the chemicals required. I live in Africa, and this is a big concern for me. Any other advice or opinions ?

  • admin says:

    We’re in the process of upgrading our website, and an update to this AustraLab review will be part of that … but since you’ve asked …

    This program still gets our five-star rating. It’s over six months now since we started, and we’re manufacturing about 30 products, with plans to expand that considerably in the coming months.
    We’ve found no shortage of avenues for sales – these products are such a big part of everyone’s everyday life, it’s not hard to generate sales from many different funnels. We’ve just secured a couple of commercial contracts, and private labeling is giving us some really good returns.
    We haven’t had difficulty in sourcing the necessary ingredients in our neck of the woods – we did a quick web search and it seems that many of the major suppliers listed in the AustraLab directory do have a strong international presence, including African countries.

    Our advice: Unless you have existing customers/markets, start off with just a small product range. Resist the temptation to want to make everything in the manuals from Day One. In fact, we think you can make a very nice income from just a handful of products, if that’s all you want to do. But, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to grow your business to its maximum potential, which is why we are continuing to expand our inventory.

    Thanks for visiting our site Garth and we wish you good luck in starting your own business.

  • zheng Ni says:

    Has anyone bought the product? I have concerns as I see no review or feedback external to Australab website. I also noticed there are no company information, business address and location or at least a contact number.

    I am interested but would like assurance that the business is not just a fraud.

  • admin says:

    Zheng Ni, if you read our review above, you’ll see that we have indeed purchased the program – and we’re implementing it!
    Frankly, we’re not surprised that you don’t see many AustraLab reviews out there – and we thought twice about writing this review!
    On the one hand, we don’t really want competition – but we figure there’s a big enough market out there for more than just us.
    And we started this website with the intention of reviewing the good, the bad, and the ugly of small business ideas, so we made a decision from the start that we would include every program we looked at, even if it meant we might create competition for ourselves, or create a few enemies (which our hotdog cart business review seems to have done).
    Again, we’re not surprised you don’t find contact numbers. We review a lot of websites, and in most cases we don’t find this information. AustraLab has a reputable payment system, which gave us confidence.
    We agree there are some programs out there that don’t deliver (and here at we’re not afraid to expose them).
    But we also find that some of the people who purchase business programs don’t deliver. By that we mean, that they purchase a program and fail to take any action. Nothing happens without action.
    AustraLab has been a great investment for us because we got off our butts and made it happen!

  • Marlene says:

    I would like to chime in here and say that I like the Australab business program very much. I haven’t bought it yet because I am waiting for my job contract to finish in a couple a months time. I will definitely be buying it then. I was also wondering whether or not it is legit so i sent an email to “Mr Australab” (aka Sam) and was floored by how much help he gave me and information that he would normaly be able to charge money for. He seems to me to be a very genuine and knolegable guy and I agree with what you wrote here that a lot of people don’t want to share a secret that is making them money. I also agree that a lot of people dont get off their backsides to make things happen, they just expect it to fall from the sky into their laps.
    Its good that you have written about it here and Im certain I can be as successful as you. Im definitely motivated as I really love this industry and have worked on the other side of it for many years, but always wanted to get into the manufacturing side which i know for sure is where the real money is.
    Im happy to give you my email here if anyone wants to contact me (edit) – Marlene, we edited your email address to prevent spam attacks

  • admin says:

    Thanks for “chiming in” Marlene.
    As you’ve noted, the manufacturing side of this industry is where the money is. We’ve looked at various business models in the cosmetics industry and, while we believe that some of these have the potential to make a reasonable profit, we couldn’t help but think from our research that the real profits are being made by the manufacturing companies, everyone else is just getting the scraps.
    We’ve looked into retail franchises for some high profile cosmetics companies. The entry level costs are exorbitant and we consider the level of risk is unreasonably high for the returns. Plus, we don’t really like franchises that much (but that’s another story).

  • zheng Ni says:

    Thanks a lot for your comments. I am just weary of internet frauds and scams. I will research the eCommerce firm to confirm. Where is your business based? Europe or U.S? Did you cold call your current clients or were you already in the industry so networking was not a problem. I come from a Finance background? In terms of manufacturing, here in Scotland (U.K) and rest of Europe, maunfacturing for sale to the public has to conform to Regulation by European Law and quality assurance and licensing etc. Does that apply from where your manufacturing base? Is the download transferable if I will need to employ staff to help to formulations etc from more than one site.

  • admin says:

    Welcome back, Zheng Ni.
    You’re quite correct that finding legitimate business ideas requires research – though we would not confine this to the internet.
    We come across many “offline” bricks-and-mortar businesses (including some well-known franchises) which we would also class as questionable.
    In terms of buying over the internet, there are some ecommerce payment companies we trust – companies such as Avangate and 2checkout verify the identities and legitimacy of their merchants before enabling their accounts.
    They also have high-grade security for transactions, and they have systems in place to ensure the delivery of digital goods.
    Although one of the most popular internet payment providers seems to be PayPal, we hear so many complaints about them, we are both weary and wary of making purchases through them.
    Here at, we had no previous experience in the cosmetics or detergent manufacturing industry (apart from being consumers of these products). The way we approached it was simply this: Every single person/business is a potential customer because every single one of them uses these products.
    We’ve had great success creating tourist products, so thinking along these lines in relation to Scotland, we’re thinking Loch Ness Monster bubble bath for kids, toiletry labels with purple thistles, a “royal lion” range of men’s toiletries, and we’re sure there’s some way of incorporating your famous Scotch Whisky into the scheme of things … hmmm, might be time for us to make a business trip to Scotland …
    If these ideas don’t appeal, we’re sure you’ll find many other avenues, and we’re sure you’ll also find solid markets for Australian labeled products, too.
    We’re not sure about transferal of the download, etc – we suggest that if you email Sam, he will be able to give you the information you need in this respect. As Marlene noted above, we also found Sam to be a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas (actually it was his guidance that helped us get going in the tourist market and, as it turned out, it was great advice).
    Just a suggestion: if you intend to give your staff access to the formulations, we would advise having them sign a confidentiality agreement. What makes AustraLab such a great business concept (in our opinion, anyway) is that it’s not easy for others to copy you and start a similar business in competition to you (which is why, as we mentioned above, we’re not surprised that you won’t find many reviews of this program – “when you’re on a good thing, keep it to yourself”). So we think it’s wise to make sure you protect your business in this way.

  • zheng Ni says:

    Thanks for the ideas – quite appealing. You have to be imagnative in your business plan. what about licensing? Do you conform to regulations? Labelling etc.

  • admin says:

    We’ve had no problems conforming to regulations, licensing, labeling, etc. But we suggest you contact your local business authority if you require more information as it applies to your location(s).

  • zheng Ni says:

    Any progress with your cosmetic line with Australab?

  • admin says:

    Welcome back (again) zheng Ni,
    We continue to make great progress with this business – and have no reason to expect otherwise.
    In our opinion, if we weren’t succeeding with this business, it would be no fault of the actual program – heck, if a couple of kids in a third world country (see link in our article above) can build a million dollar business on a shoestring, making just a few face creams, we really think that if someone can’t make money from the AustraLab program, they probably can’t make money from any business. Sorry if this sounds blunt, but we like to tell it straight.

  • Christian says:

    Thank you for the review, I would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding the program. I´m a 25 year old peruvian that is ready to start this lab, but I would like some more info before making the payment… The webpage does not give you much information.

    Please let me know if this is possible, at the moment I´m searching for national regulations.

  • admin says:

    Ask away, Christian, we’re happy to offer you our insights. We found the AustraLab website to be informative and self-explanatory … there’s also lots of interesting stuff on the blog section of the site, which should give you food for thought about starting your own business in this industry.

  • Eugene says:

    Great review, I’m also thinking about buying AustraLab and starting out. My question is about marketing your products. How did you get started with selling the products and getting contracts?

  • admin says:

    Eugene, we’re at your service! We often find that one of the best places to start out when trying to establish new sales and contracts is also one of the most overlooked. We’ve found that our own “backyard” is bountiful!
    Take a look around at the people you know, businesses you buy from, we think you will be pleasantly surprised how receptive people are to this concept.
    One of our first contracts came from the company that cleans our (and thousands of other) offices – they now have their own brand of cleaning products! We’ve also successfully approached hairdressers, barbers, restaurants, cafes, retailers, accommodation/tourist operators – just about everyone we know and do business with is a potential customer. And who doesn’t love the idea of having their own name on the label of their products?
    When we were ready for bigger orders, we secured contracts from a small supermarket chain, a laundry/dry-cleaning chain, a large industrial manufacturing firm …
    What we really like about this concept is that we are not bamboozled with competitors. To date, none of our clients has been previously approached by anyone offering them private label products, and we still don’t consider that we’ve scratched the surface of our market potential.

  • Eugene says:

    Thanks for the detailed reply!
    I also think that the program provides a really great opportunity. One more question: we’ve been noticing that “green” and “natural” products have really taken off lately, especially in our area. Do you think that Sam’s formulations have the potential to fit into that market?
    Thanks again

  • admin says:

    You’re very welcome, Eugene. We’re marketing many of our products as “natural” and “paraben-free”. Sam very kindly provided us with a few additional formulations for “green” cleaners for a specific market, and we like the green formulas we made from the manuals, though we found that for our customers in the industrial/commercial sectors, there is less concern for “green”, and more concern for efficiency of cleaning power and, of course, cost (we found that some industrial/manufacturing plants use incredible amounts of certain products, so it’s hardly surprising that cost is an issue). Of course, even though these products are not necessarily “green” they are still bio-degradable and comply with required standards, etc. We’re very happy with the quality of the “green” products we are manufacturing.

  • Latisha says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Greetings! My name is Latisha. I have been interested in getting involved in Cosmetic & Detergent Manufacturing for some time now. It looks like a fantastic business opportunity. I just came across your site and found it to be very interesting to say the least. I was interested in buying the manual but found it to be somewhat expensive and wanted to be sure it was worth it’s value. I have been checking out this business idea for a little while now but wanted to make sure that it was a legitimate and profitable one before investing in it. I wanted to get testimonials from others who had purchased the manual and was involved with the company. I was hoping to get some honest feedback from others regarding this manual and business opportunity. Having said that, if you can get back to me at your earliest convenience to share your thoughts and opinions on this manual and business idea, that would be great and much appreciated. Thanks in advance and hope to hear back from you soon. Bye for now!


  • admin says:

    Latisha, there’s probably not a whole lot more we can add to what we have written above.
    We appreciate that for some people, the cost may seem high – but we would have to pose the question: What kind of business can you start for about $2000?
    We don’t want to sound like an advertisement for the program (we are not being paid for this review), but we honestly think it’s worth many times its price.
    We look at a lot of business ideas and opportunities – and we think this is one of the best we’ve come across in a long time.
    We can confirm that it’s legitimate. We can confirm that it’s profitable. We don’t want to repeat ourselves but, as we mentioned above, if a couple of kids in a third world country can make themselves a million dollar business out of just a few face creams, with a bit of effort we think just about anyone should be able to turn a profit from this program.

  • zheng Ni says:

    What method is best for establishing contracts – direct face to face or introductory letter to potential customers/firms?

  • admin says:

    Zheng Ni, both methods work. As we mentioned previously, our first contracts came from existing business contacts, our own “backyard”. In this case, we simply picked up the phone, and said something along the lines of: “We’d like 20 minutes of your time to discuss a business proposition.” We’ve never received a rejection. Just make sure you’re prepared for the meeting, take samples, price lists, etc.
    If you send an introductory letter, follow it up within a couple of days with a phone call.
    We are currently developing a specialty line of products and negotiating with an agency which distributes to drugstores and gift shops. We only pay based on sales (no sales = no commissions), and it will provide us the opportunity to have our products in potentially thousands of outlets.

  • Marie M. says:

    You mentioned above about some people in Kenya who are making cosmetics – but I couldn’t find the link.
    BTW, thanks for putting togehter such an interesting website, I came here to read about Australab but I also read about the hot dog cart business too. It was an excellent review,you do great research for us. The internet needs more people like you.
    I love the Australab program, I’m saving up the money now and I cannot wait to get started. I look at the website almost everyday and it really inspires me to start my own.
    Even though it is taking me a little bit of time to save I think it is really good value for what is offered. A while back I had to get a simple label designed for the company I work for, it was super basic and it cost more than this business does, so I think that people who say that its too much maybe don’t know how much things cost.

  • admin says:

    Ooops. Thanks, Marie. We’ve added the link to our article and you can also click here.
    As we mentioned in our AustraLab review, we love the labels and you’re quite correct that having that many designed for you would cost a heck of a lot more than the entire package.
    We hope you will be as successful as us once you get started!
    And thanks for your words of encouragement. We try our best!

  • Ishmael says:

    Great review, many thanks, as soon as I saw this i knew I don’t just need it, I WANT it !!!!
    Even without your review I was ready to hit the “buy” button, been looking for something like this for years, to me it s a “no-brainer” (don’t like that term much, but you know what I mean.) Don’t really know why some folks here can’t make up their minds, but I guess that’s good for us, bro!
    Thanks again and happy Australabbing!

  • admin says:

    We’re with you, Ishmael. We also knew we were on a winner when we first came across the AustraLab package.
    We’re also somewhat surprised by the indecision, but what we’ve found during our many years of coaching, consulting and researching in the small business arena, is that while it’s certainly sensible to conduct due diligence, many would-be-entrepreneurs get caught up by the proverbial “paralysis by analysis”, they just keep “looking” and never start “doing”.
    There comes a time when you need to “grab the bull by the horns” and just “do it”.
    But, as the saying goes, another’s hesitation is our opportunity.

  • K.C. says:

    I’ve been looking at the australab website for a while now, I really really like it and I really really want it and I’m ready to buy it bit I;m worried what if I pay the money and I don’t receive anything??

  • admin says:

    K.C., as we mentioned in our review and earlier replies, you are not paying AustraLab direct, you are paying a third-party e-commerce payment provider, and Avangate tops our list as one of the most reputable.
    We received our download, direct from Avangate, within about a minute of purchasing.
    We don’t believe there is any cause for concern in this respect.

  • K.C. says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I took the plunge and everything went just fine, received the download no problems, so thanx very much, now I’m excited to start.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for letting us know, K.C., glad we could be of assistance, and best of luck with your new business!

  • Ronald says:

    Like some of your other readers here, I also really like this idea. I have been looking at it about six months, keep going back to the website and reading. I desperately want to be an entreprener, start my own business and do something for more security in the years ahead, but i have a few concerns.
    What if too many people buy this program and there’s too much competition?
    What If everybody starts making their own products, what if nobody buys mine because they can make their own?
    What if I take the risk and can’t make it work?
    Why aren’t they’re more people like you writing about it on the web?

    I thank you for the effort you have taken to write your initial review and give such detailed responses to comments, and thank you in advance for any insights you can give me.

  • admin says:

    Ronald, your concerns are based on what is commonly referred to as “scarcity mentality“, they are not based on logic.
    As we mentioned earlier, this is the kind of “paralysis by analysis” which stops so many people from taking action and reaching their goals.

    Allow us to ask a few “what ifs” of our own:

    1. What if you continue to sit on your hands, procrastinate and do nothing? What if you continue to do what you have always done? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Will your financial position and lifestyle be better, worse or about the same?

    2. What if Starbucks thought: “The last thing the world needs is another coffee shop – besides, everyone can make a cup of coffee at home for much less. It will never work.”

    3. What if those three young students in Kenya thought the same way, too? What if they were so worried about potential competition that they never made that initial investment (which is a considerable sum in that part of the world)? Would they now have a million dollar business?

    4. What if the sky falls, Henny Penny?

    Let us provide some real-world examples.

    How much does it cost to make a cup of coffee at home? About 25 cents? Everyone can do it – but they don’t. Starbucks and dozens of other coffee franchises, plus zillions of small cafe establishments, are thriving. Everyday, millions of people pay between $3-$5 (even more) for a cup of coffee.
    Fast food outlets can be found on virtually every corner around the globe. Just because people can cook at home, doesn’t mean they will, regardless of how much money they save.
    You can find recipes on the internet and make the same cookies as some well known franchises – how many people do? The number of these franchises is increasing, as are their sales.
    You can take your lunch to work with you and save maybe $50 a week – yet sandwich bars (in the right locations) make some seriously good money.
    We could come up with dozens more examples, but we’re sure you get the idea – we think it is highly unlikely that “everybody” would want to start making their own products.

    If this was a legitimate cause for concern, no one would ever start most of the businesses that they do.

    From our experience in the financial and business consulting arena, we think it’s also highly unlikely that “too many people buy this program”.
    1. We believe the program’s creator has been astute in determining what to charge. Although we genuinely believe it could be sold for much more, at the current price, it will still attract only those who are serious about starting a business. Generally speaking, you do not “flood the market” at this price point.

    2. In reality, the number of people who actually take action and “mean business” is very small.

    3. From the kind of questions we’ve received here at, we have come to the conclusion that many people simply don’t “get it” – they simply have not “clicked” at the scope and potential that this business offers.

    As we mentioned in response to a previous question, we believe that the reason for the lack of reviews about this program is primarily that those who have invested in it – those who “get it” – have no need or reason to want to share it around (and they’re probably too busy with their business, to spend the time writing about it).
    Scenario: You buy the program, build a good business, start to make some serious cash … Realistically, do you think the next thing you would do is get on the internet and start shouting out about it?
    Again, this kind of thinking is not based on logic. People might get on the net and talk about a program that cured (or didn’t cure) their heartburn, but they’re not nearly as likely to get on the net and say: “Hey world, I’ve found one of the most ridiculously profitable business ideas – jump on board now.”

    We don’t have these concerns. We believe there’s more than enough business in this industry for us all and there’s good karma to be gained from sharing good ideas.

    Ronald, there is no such beast as a “no risk” business. We think AustraLab is one of the best “low risk” businesses around.
    You will see that successful entrepreneurs always take some degree of risk – this is what being an entrepreneur is all about.
    Read the biographies of successful entrepreneurs – such as Warren Buffett or Richard Branson – and you’ll see what we mean.

    If you’ve been thinking about this for six months, this is six months that you could have been “doing” instead of “thinking”. Thought without action generally produces zero results.

    In summary:
    In the business coaching arena, we would say that you are creating “roadblock questions” to stop yourself taking action.
    This kind of over-thinking can really sabotage your efforts.
    If you want our advice, don’t start this business (or any other) until you overcome this mindset.

    We realize our reply may sound blunt. But, if you really want to be an entrepreneur, you need to stop building your own roadblocks, stop asking “what if” it doesn’t work … and start taking action to make sure it does.

  • Eugene says:

    Brilliant response right there.
    Sometimes a blunt response is what’s needed to get people started.
    Really appreciate the honesty and straight-forwardness on this website.
    Keep it coming!

  • Desmond says:

    Hi I also have been looking at the australab website for about 6 months now, I’m very much interested in this business. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and I found this to be the best opportunity not to be missed.
    I want to thank Sam Stain for this great website.
    I’ve raised my money to buy the formulations and ready to buy. However I’ve sent my details so I can join but I’m not getting a response. I wanted to get the procedures for joining on board. May be you can help me.



  • admin says:

    Desmond, we’re not quite sure from your response as to who you have contacted to make your purchase?
    We are assuming when you say that you have “sent my details so I can join”, you mean you have completed the order form and submitted it to Avangate?
    In this case, you should have received some response from Avangate – unless you made your payment by bank transfer, in which case it will take several days to reach its destination.
    When you say you are not getting a response, we assume you mean you are not getting a response from Avangate? Are you sure the order that you submitted was received and processed? If so, it seems strange to us that you would not have received some communication from them.

    Have you contacted Sam? He’s always given us a prompt reply – he should be able to assist you with your order.

  • Desmond says:

    Thanks admin for your response, I had only submitted my name and e-mail. But now with your response , I realised that I was supposed to click add to cart to view the form. Now I’ve seen the procedure, thanks.

  • Bob says:

    While this program is one of the best I have seen it may seem too good to be true. I am happy that you said that you have tested this program and it is working for you. I guess we have to take your word for it. I admire what you are doing, as I too plan to do the same as there are too many people hurt by scams.

    The concern is all good to say you have an Australab Australian license and say made under Australab but what about this business registration confirmation ( what if my local authorities wish to, in the interest of quality control if this Australab is authentic? My investment may be affected).

    I have seen better than this offered in terms of presentation, almost foolproof and turned out to be scams after taking many people.

    Hope you can me some open view on this. Thanks.

  • admin says:

    We think the “scam” word has become one of the most over-used adjectives on the net, so much so that we’re not really sure what meaning you (or anyone else) attributes to it anymore.
    By “scam” do you mean:
    1. You are concerned that you will send the money and receive nothing? As we’ve mentioned, if you are making an online transaction through a reputable e-commerce payment provider, you should not have any cause for concern. Reputable companies value their reputations – they don’t want to waste their time and resources handling unnecessary complaints from customers. They also verify the identities of merchants before they accept to sell their products. The AustraLab download is sent to you by Avangate when they process the order – we can’t see any “scam” here.
    2. You are concerned that you won’t be able to make money from it? Again, we don’t like to keep repeating ourselves, but if you’ve read about the start-up in Kenya, do you really think there’s no money to be made from this industry? Or that the average person can’t do it? If you do a bit of research into the global market for cosmetics, toiletries and detergents, we think you’ll agree there’s plenty of demand worldwide for these products. If you do a bit of research into the profitability of manufacturing companies in this industry, we think you’ll agree there’s plenty of profit.
    If you implement the main marketing strategy in the AustraLab manuals, we can’t see how you will fail to turn a (very) good profit from this program.

    At the risk of sounding blunt (again!), your “what if” question doesn’t sound particularly logical to us. We find that almost every “what if” question is a “roadblock” question. Unless we are misunderstanding your remarks, we can’t logically see how your investment would be “affected”. You can refer your local authorities to the AustraLab website – if you seriously believe this is a potential issue.

    Bob, there’s really not much more we can say in reply to your comments. We’ve stated our case in relation to this program, through our review and in response to readers’ comments. It should be obvious from what we have written (and repeated) that we endorse this program as being legitimate. What more can we say?

  • Mauri says:

    I’m writing to say thanks for you review and your forthright approach.
    I was also on the fence about this business, but your review gave me the push I needed to stop procrastinating and get moving.
    Actually some of the other comments here from yoour readers reminded me a bit of my self, and I have missed out on several good opportunities over the years because I tend to over-analyze things too much.
    It was your reply about Starbucks that made me realize that entrpeneiurs think differently than most of us. I have printed out your reply and stuck it near my computer to remind me to think like they do.
    I bought the program last week and I’m very, very pleased. I’m still reading through it, there’s a lot of information, more than I thought there would be. its very profesinally done.
    Of course its too early to have made any money from it yet, but I think the business plan is a really brilliant idea and its kept me awake at night thinking about it. I think it would be possible to make quite a lot of money from this.
    Thanks again for your review and taking so much time to write such detailed replies.

  • admin says:

    You’re quite correct, Mauri … entrepreneurs do have a different mindset from most folks. But we will make the point that this mindset can be developed and cultivated, it’s not the exclusive preserve of just a handful of people.
    We’re glad you’ve taken action and hope you continue to do so … this is the hallmark of entrepreneurs, they are action-minded individuals.
    You’re also quite correct that the business plan in the AustraLab program is a brilliant idea, and it has made us more than “quite a lot of money”. We advise you to give this serious consideration, it was surprisingly little effort for handsome rewards.
    Thanks, also, for your words of praise, we appreciate it.

  • Suzanne says:

    Want to give you guys a quick thanks, I bought into this about two months ago largely because of your recommendation here, and I’m coming back to say thanks because I might not have taken the plunge if it wasn’t for your website. So far the business is doing really good, made back my investment plus enough extra for my honeymoon. I found your website cause I was thinking of starting up a preschool at home but Im so happy I found this instead.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for your thanks, Suzanne. Please keep us posted with any updates.

  • Apparition says:

    I like (love, actually!) this concept, it very much suits my existing business and future plans, and I know from previous experience that there is a lot of money to be made from this, but I would like to know what you think about the safety aspects of operating this kind of business.

  • admin says:

    Apparition, we’ve been asked this question privately, but our answer to you is the same in public: In terms of safety, we have had no issues. The manuals give very detailed advice to make sure your manufacturing area is safe, and if you exercise common sense, we can see no reason why you would have any hazards. In his manuals, Mr Stein does point out that he probably provides more safety detail than is required, but “common sense is not common” (we certainly can’t argue with him on that particular point). We were pleased to find such detailed advice – and we think the depth of information he provides is testament to his professionalism.
    We think the only reason you would experience any hazards is if you fail to observe basic common sense procedures.

  • dawit says:

    i have cheacked this program for almost 8 monthes meaning i have huge interest in the programm .but i dont know if it works still coz it is not updated here this website.
    .how about now .

  • admin says:

    Dawit, we haven’t updated simply because there is nothing new to add. The business continues to improve and grow – we would just be repeating ourselves to constantly update this article.

    We would suggest there is only one reason this business would not “work still” – and that’s if consumers stopped needing and buying cosmetics, toiletries, cleaning products, etc.

    We don’t think that is going to happen any time soon (and if you think it is going to happen, this is NOT the business for you!)

    We can see this business working indefinitely, and we continue to recommend it.

  • Emery says:

    I have been looking to get into this type of business for a very long time but I could never get anyone to sell me any formulas. You can’t imagine how exicted I am to find Mr Stein’s website. A few years back I worked doing book-keeping for a company that make these kinds of products from a shed in their backyard, and I know they are raking it in. I am a bit surprised that people here seem sceptical about it, it seems like from some of the comments that they are trying to convince themself that it doesn’t work. 8 months looking at it??! You must be kidding. I’ve spent 2 or 3 hours reading the website and about 20 minutes here, and I’m ready to go. It does not surprise me that so many people either fail in their businesses or never actually get started. You are giving some really good practical advice to people here and it is obvious why you are successful yourself. Keep up the good work.

  • admin says:

    Thanks, Emery, for your vote of confidence.
    You hit the nail on the head when you suggest that some folk attempt to convince themselves that a business won’t work/can’t work/ etc.
    We often come across many would-be entrepreneurs who spend an inordinate amount of time researching every conceivable nook and cranny of a business, and are simply not satisfied until they can find a “roadblock” (real or imagined). At which point they can say “I knew it wouldn’t work!” and they are often secretly relieved that they now have an excuse for not taking any action.
    These are often the same people who purchase business programs, take little or no action, and then declare it to be a “scam”.
    We find that the fear mechanism often holds people back in this way – by nature, taking action also means taking a risk – and this is what sets entrepreneurs apart. Most successful business-owners are able to make reasonably quick assessments of whether an idea is suited to their purposes, and then waste no time putting into action. They don’t allow fear to hold them back, instead they use it as a driving and motivating force.
    Sounds like you fit into this category, Emery – go for it!

  • Owen G says:

    I’ve been wanting to get into this business for a long time, did a lot of research years ago, but pretty much gave up on the idea (not a lie that it’s a secretive industry). I was both surprised and excited when I saw the website, this was the first time I had seen anyone offering information about this.
    Thanks to your review here I went ahead and bought AustraLab and I believe I can say I have found a business that suits me down to the ground. I’d like to encourage other people to get into it, it’s probably the most fun I have had in years, and leaves a lot of other jobs for dead. Never done anything like this is my life (background in teaching phys education, but too many aches and pains to keep it up), so people shouldn’t worry about thinking they need a scientific background.
    Good job with your review and I owe you a beer or two.

  • admin says:

    Owen, we’ll take you up on that beer anytime you’re in town.
    Great to hear another success story (we receive many more privately) – and thanks for dropping by to share your good news.

  • Krystal says:

    I’ve been a soap-maker for many years (even though I am an accountant by trade – long story), I would actually love to start a business making cosmetics and makeup, but I have come to realise that there’s a lot of money to be made from detergents and toiletries. So this actually seems like the perfect business plan for me.
    My husband and I were looking at buying an existing manufacturing business, but we would have to go into mega-debt to buy it, even though the profits and potential look outstanding.
    With the AustraLab program, do you think it would be possible to build a substantial business? I’m ambitious and really want to start something BIG.
    Thanks in advance,

  • admin says:

    Krystal, we admire your ambition – and yes, we can testify from our own experience that you can certainly make this into a BIG business.
    We know personally of an AustraLab licensee who sold their business for a sum in the very high six-figures, less than 2 years after starting.
    This guy was a definite go-getter, so we’re not suggesting everyone can do this, but it definitely has the potential – if you have the potential.

  • Kamran says:

    whats the currency for australab price? is 2000$ means australian doller?

  • admin says:

    Kamran, we paid $1997 USD – you might want to confirm with this Sam, but we believe it’s US currency.

  • Conrad says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I made my first batch of products last weekend. I’m very happy with the results, it was much easier than I thought it would be, my wife really likes them, which means they must be good!!! I intend to use the marketing concept from the manuals, I think it will work very well. Thanks for your encouragement here on your website, and your private emails to me, I greatly appreciate you helping me get the motivation I needed to get started. Onwards and upwards!

  • admin says:

    Congrats, Conrad. We’re glad we were able to be of assistance.

  • LN says:

    Hi Admin,
    Your experience and success is very encouraging.
    I’m interested in making baby products but finding getting right formulations from consultants is very expensive. I came across Australab and wondering if it has baby wash, shampoo, nappy rash balm, lotion, etc. Also, I plan to eventually manufacture in Africa, does his manual provide suppliers in Africa? The reviews above are great but most are based on household items and I’m a little cautious to spend $2k on a program that may not have baby products.



  • admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by, LN.
    Much of our business (and profit) comes from manufacturing personal care products – we’ve had great success with the baby care formulations from the AustraLab program. In fact, these were among the first products we made and we are still supplying to the same retailers today, so we think that speaks volumes for their quality.

    You are quite correct when you mention that purchasing formulas is expensive, if not prohibitive – that’s just one of the reasons we recommend this business concept to anyone wanting to get started in this industry, and why we think it represents exceptional value for money. Mr Stein mentions on his website that formulas cost at least $500, though this is definitely conservative – you could easily pay $2000 (or more) for one formula.

    The suppliers manual is international – after a quick browse, we found many in African countries. We attended an industry conference several months ago, where there was much discussion on the emerging African markets, so your timing would seem to be opportune.

  • mr.clean says:

    I run my own cleaning company and would like to have my own brand products.
    I have two questions:
    1. Would it be better to make my own, or contract a manufacturer to make them for me?
    2. Are these products suitable for commercial applications?

  • admin says:

    Mr.Clean, we think anyone with their own cleaning company who does NOT have their own brand, is giving away a lot of their profit.
    To answer your questions:
    1. The answer to this question is another question: How much profit do you want to make?
    In our opinion, making your own is the only way to go. You might even find that this becomes a profitable business for you in its own right.
    2. We have major contracts supplying commercial sectors – we have found the formulations to be above industry standard.

  • Jan says:

    Thank you for your article here, I find it very helpful. I have been wanting to start my own business like this for very long time. I want to know how long did it take you to make back the money you spend to get started?

  • admin says:

    Jan, we were in profit with our first order, which we completed within about a month of starting. Of course, this might vary for you, but we recently received an email from one of our readers whose first order was high five figures. This will depend on many factors, including how much time and effort you devote to the project, your business plan, etc.

  • Lydia says:

    Hallo i have read alot of the above comments and being part time employed i would like to start making my own products,i think i have the time and energy needed would you pleae advise which way to go.

  • admin says:

    Lydia, we think this is an excellent business for anyone wanting to supplement their existing income – and it can easily become a full-time business, should you so choose. There are many areas in which you could direct your energies – but we suggest, at least initially, that this might be determined in part by existing interests, contacts or previous experience. The AustraLab manual includes a unique and innovative marketing concept which should get you off to a profitable start. Cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products/detergents all have substantial potential and solid markets – start with a small range of products, get a feel for the industry, and expand in the areas which offer you the best return.

  • Hi my name is Rosalie, I Would like to purchase some products that are already on the market in the USA, could you please let me know some names of products that are using the formulas from AustraLab?
    Thank you

  • admin says:

    Rosalie, we’re happy to share knowledge and ideas, but unfortunately we can’t divulge our markets or our clients, for obvious reasons – 1. It’s taken time and effort to establish our customers, and we don’t want to provide competitors with access to our clients; 2. We don’t want our clients to know our profit margins!
    On his website, Mr Stein advises that anyone who joins the program should keep the secret about this business.
    While it would be easy to dismiss this as marketing hype, it’s actually excellent advice – which we follow!

  • Tia says:

    Is there an actual person that I can speak with at Small Business Ideas 4 U? I wanted to find out some more info on the Australab manual.

  • Tia says:

    One more thing…Does Small Business Ideas 4 U have a phone number or email address? Please let me know. Thank You.

  • admin says:

    Tia, we prefer to answer queries through these comments (then everyone can benefit from the discussion) so please feel free to post your questions and/or opinions here.

    We don’t provide personal consultations for the program (we’re not on the payroll!). If you have any specific questions which are not addressed here, you should contact Mr. Stein through his website.

    You can contact us at

    Edit – We replied to you personally, but the email was rejected. Please don’t use a fake email address, it wastes our time (and yours). Perhaps you should consider sharing your “actual” email and phone number, before asking us for ours. We hope you won’t be running your business in this manner.

    As an aside, we always find it somewhat amusing when we receive comments that question the authenticity of a program, submitted by someone who provides a non-existent email address.

  • Josh says:

    I’m just lovin’ the comments section here – you guys are a hoot! The world wide web needs more like you.
    Seriously, though, I’ve invested in this program on the strength of your review here, and I have not been disappointed.
    I can attest that it is all that it promises – easy to make (yes), good quality products (yes), very good profit margins (yes). I’m a happy camper.
    Thanks, and let the comments roll.

  • admin says:

    Thanks Josh, though it certainly was not our intention for the comments section to become so colorful.
    Nevertheless, we’re pleased to have inspired you to start your own business, and pleased you are enjoying success.

  • Mel says:

    Is this program still making good business for you?

  • admin says:

    Mel, as we have said before, we think the only reason this business will not continue to make money is when people stop cleaning and preening themselves and their environments. We don’t see that happening in our lifetime. Short answer – yes!

  • Juliette says:

    I love this so much!!! It is my dream to start a business like this!
    I am saving and planning and I hope I will start before the new year.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Juliette. We are confident you will find it rewarding, and we wish you success.

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